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Best Smart Home Devices in 2018

Most of the latest electronics device makes our life easier than ever before. Smart home devices are one step ahead. They are making our life easier and more comfortable. Just a few days ago, it was hard to believe.

Most of the latest smart home appliances are enrich with Artificial Intelligence (AI). These extraordinary intelligent gadgets can make your sweet home as like as a voice-activated automated apps control hub. The main target of this article is to introduce you some popular smart home devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple Home Pod. These devices can remind you about your next appointment and even it can keep an eye on your pet with a remote camera.

Connected with an Internet connection these cylindrical speakers enriched smart home devices can answer your questions, setting up alarms, reading news, playing vocal controlled music and work as your personal search engine. Even this smart device can link the other smart devices in your home.

Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric

Amazon Echo-Best Home Smart device

The second-generation Amazon Echo is more attractive than the original one. People, who are searching an affordable device to fulfill their everyday needs Amazon Echo can be the perfect choice for them.

$69.99 Amazon

Like others Echo doesn’t offer premium audio quality but it’s 360° audio and noise cancellation technology will make ensure your clear listening from any direction of your room. It’s smaller size than the previous one and option to change skins to match with home decor makes this smart device more gorgeous and appealing. Amazon Echo can control smart home gadgets, play music, check the weather, send messages and make phone calls, read audio books, answer questions and set alarms.

This smartest and a less expensive Artificial Intelligence smart device will supply you decent sound. It’s easy to connect this device to your existing audio setup either using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable. Although the 2nd generation Amazon Echo is not much updated than the previous one and it can do everything that the original one does. It’s nicer-looking and cheaper rate makes it more alluring.